Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10 “Talk, Gather, Everyday Ruby, Ruby Every Day”

Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10 will be the 10th Regional Ruby Kaigi held in the Tokyo area and will be the largest scale Regional Ruby Kaigi.

This conference will highlight Rubyists active in the Tokyo Area. With a targeted 800 participants over two days, we plan to have presentations about things developers encounter in their day to day activities.

Through gathering people interested in Ruby, and discussing everyday development, we hope to kickstart 2013's community activities.


This is not an international scale event like the Ruby Kaigi, but rather a regional event aimed at local Rubyists. Thus, we anticipate most if not all the presentations to be in Japanese. This warning aside, we still welcome people of all backgrounds to join us, and will do our best to provide English information about the event.

Tickets are now available, and cost 1000 yen for a two-day pass.

The organizing team is a group of volunteers dedicated to the orgaization of Tokyo Ruby Kaigi 10. Through Ruby Kaigi 10, we hope to increase activity among individuals and businesses in the Ruby Community

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to contact us at tokyo10 at rubykaigi dot org.